Initial meetings with adults, children and families allow us to gain a shared understanding of any issues prior to developing an intervention package. I also offer psychological assessments and reports.

Support and understanding for adults, children, teenagers and their families


Access Psychology

I offer a range of evidence based interventions that are tailored to address the needs of adults, children, teenagers and families.  I work with adults alone as well as birth families, adopted and fostered children and their parents and carers.

Access Psychology can help with ...

There are times in life when feelings such as stress and anxiety can become overwhelming. They can leave you feeling lost; not knowing where to turn for help and support. You can feel this way about yourself, yourself as a parent or for your child.

As a Clinical Psychologist I can support you to better understand what is going on and why this is happening; to put these difficulties into a context beyond using labels such as anxiety, depression or family issues. Gaining this understanding is key to making a difference in your life or in the life of your family and sometimes this is all that is needed. Beyond this, if we think input is going to be helpful, I will work with you using my knowledge of a range of psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques. This input will be individually tailored and it will help you or your child to make positive changes towards a better and a more content future.

Please give me a ring on 07847 499756 or email me via my get in touch page to arrange a free 20-minute telephone chat about how I can help you or your child.

I run my practice without a waiting list and so we can look for a time to book you in soon for an initial appointment to start the process of understanding what is going on and why and making a difference.


  • Post-trauma responses, anxiety, and mood difficulties
  • Emotional, behavioural and social difficulties in children
  • Family relationships including looked after and adopted children
  • Attachment issues
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Professional consultation and training needs
  • Formal psychological assessment of children and adults.